BayBoston sponsors portfolio companies and provides capital and strategic partnership to businesses in the financial services sector. Our value creation approach centers on executing growth-oriented business plans, implementing operational improvements, and leveraging transformational technologies. We believe that there is a direct correlation between creating value for our investors and advancing our mission-based goals of community, diversity and inclusion. BayBoston’s typical investment framework involves:

Transaction Types: Venture & growth capital, recapitalization, leveraged buyout, & special situations

Target Verticals: Financial technology, consumer finance, & community banking

Board Representation: Required

Our investment timeline typically evolves in three phases:

Phase I – Entry: As a value investor we seek attractive, fair entry prices following comprehensive due diligence and establishing goal alignment with management teams of prospective portfolio companies

Phase II – Growth: We actively implement strategies to accelerate growth and establish efficiencies, while maintaining mission-based goals of supporting community, diversity and inclusion

Phase III – Realization: We aim to derive value creation and multiple expansion at exit through achieving scale and optimizing operations