BayBoston sponsors companies that need capital and a strategic partner to create a higher level of value for its customers, workforce, and community. We empower the management teams of our portfolio companies by providing capital and promoting a value creation approach. Our value creation approach is based on executing growth-oriented business plans, operational improvements, and transformational technology to drive organic growth as well as to find merger & acquisition opportunities that accelerate growth. We take a customer-centric platform building view with our portfolio companies.

BayBoston makes investments under the following general guidelines:

Type of Transaction: Recapitalization, growth capital, acquisition, consolidation, go-private, minority position and special situation

Ownership: Control and minority

Board Representation: Required

Investment Stage: Primarily growth & late-stage

Our investments in portfolio companies typically follow three phases:

Phase I – Entry: As a value investor we seek attractive, fair entry prices after conducting comprehensive due diligence and finding goal/purpose alignment with the companies’ management teams

Phase II – Growth: We seek to implement value creation actions to accelerate growth in assets, earnings and customers, and achieve improvements in metrics that measure our mission-based goals of community, diversity and inclusion

Phase III – Realization: We aim to realize the value created and capture an initial investment multiple expansion upon our portfolio company achieving larger scale

We believe that there is a direct correlation between creating value for our investors and advancing our mission-based goals of community, diversity and inclusion.